Keyhole Surgery

What is it?
Laparoscopy is more commonly known as ‘keyhole surgery’. It has been used in human surgery for years and more recently has been developed for use in veterinary surgery. Just like in human surgery the incisions are small and using a camera along with small instruments we are able to perform some routine surgeries.

When do we use Keyhole?

We are using it for abdominal surgeries such as ovariectomies (spay), cryptorchid surgery (undescended testicles) and organ biopsies.

What are the benefits?
Keyhole surgery is a highly skilled procedure and has tremendous advantages over traditional open surgery including:

keyhole surgery also known as laparoscopy
  • Faster recovery
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Less surgical stress
  • Reduced bruising due to precise incisions
  • Up to 65% less post-surgical pain
  • Safer with lower risks of infection
  • Lower risk of post-spay urinary incontinence

How do I get booked in?
Finding a surgery that offers keyhole surgery can be tricky, as it requires specialist equipment and highly trained vets to carry out the procedure. The good news is that the vets here at The Vet on Richmond Hill have extensive experience in keyhole surgery as well as the clever utilisation of this complex, advanced equipment.